InterplanetBit is the world’s most advanced open source crypto exchange platform.



Extremely high-speed Trading Engine

InterplanetBit designed and developed the world leading high-speed trading engine which supports up to 100K orders per second. This advanced trading engine is a 100% pure in-memory trading ending which is extramely fast and provides synchronzied API for order.

NOTE: the response of the synchronized API is actual result of order processing which means all trading task such as freeze, match and clearing are done. No extra async query is required.

The whole trading system does NOT need expensive high-performance database because of the benifits on high-speed memory engine. This is greatly reduced the overall cost.

The high-speed trading engine supports stateless cluster, with periodic snapshot, very low latency, high throughputs and it is extramely stable. It also supports hot upgrade while users are unawared.

Supports ALL types of orders and fee models

InterplanetBit supports limit order, market order and:

The fee sub-system also supports different fee rates for taker/maker, and supports negative fee rate for maker. It supports update fee rates by symbols, time, user groups and individual user.

Flexible Operation

The exchange system can be modified without down-time:

Cloud Deploy and Monitor

InterplanetBit supports cloud deployment. You can deploy exchange system on AWS:

InterplanetBit does not need high resources. A 4u8g server can support 10K transactions per second. It also supports table sharding and no need to move data. Monitors like DataDog are fully integrated.


Spots Trading: 50 BTC

Futures Trading: 100 BTC

Free Trail

Download from Release and follow the deployment guide.

Q & A

Q: Is wallet included?

A: There are cold wallet and hot wallet for BTC/BCH/ETH/ERC20.

Q: Is InterplanetBit open source?

A: Not yet, but soon. You can request source code access.